Adaptive Tutorials

Case Studies



Two of the case studies (Optimum Nitrogen Rates and Bioavailability of Drugs) were deployed in Semester 1, 2015 for MATH1040 (Basic Mathematics) at the University of Queensland, Gatton Campus. Feedback from the students was very positive, as shown in the following graphs which summarise student survey results.

Selected Comments from Students

[I] honestly found this the best learning tool of all. Being an external student that also has to juggle full time work I found this the most engaging and also found I retained the information a lot faster.

The mathematics was linked to a real life situation, which enabled me to understand why you would use the mathematic Equations.

Interactive, fresh way to teach applying differentiation in real life situations.

I now have a better understanding of maximisation procedure.

I liked that the lesson was based on real applications, making it easy to engage with.

You should have designed these for every topic in this course. I learnt A LOT from that short segment more than I could have from a lecture or anything else that is so antiquated for this day and age of external online teaching.